Andrea Moran - Working in a Contained and Structured Way

This workshop focuses on working in a contained and structured way which is often paramount when someone is experiencing complex trauma. Sharing how therapists may work using sandtrays and small objects, whilst also working deeply with the unconscious, she will demonstrate how this offers control over what is created and explored.

Andrea will be looking at stories, which have a firm and holding structure allowing the client to choose their own story and working with the themes through drawing, creativity and clay.

About Andrea

Andrea works as a dramatherapist and has run the KORU Project in Dorset for 15 years, working with children and families in difficulty along with adopted children and those in care.

She has extensive experience including working with street children in India and the Philippines, running a programme called ‘Back on Track’ at the Oval House Theatre in Peckham with young people who have been involved with gun, knife and street crime and with children who have suffered war trauma in Kosovo. She has also worked in children’s prisons and is influenced by the work of Brazilian Theatre Practitioner Augusto Boal.

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